Outwood Online

Past Webinars

Ep 2: Using Google Sites

Air Date: Wednesday 13th May @ 1pm

The webinar will look at the different ways in which Google Sites can/has been used across our trust and also provide some demonstrations on how to get the most out of Google Sites.

Guest presenters for this session include:

  • Claire Wood (Associate Director of Humanities, OGAT)
  • Emily Benson (Associate Director of Humanities, OGAT)
  • Leanne Jennison (Associate Director of Science, OGAT)
  • Lee Woods (Associate Vice Principal, Outwood Grange Academy)
  • Scott Thomas (Head of Humanities, Outwood Academy Brumby)

The webinar can be accessed live or the recording by clicking the video link to the right.

Ep 1: Distance Learning Pedagogy & Ideas

Air Date: Wednesday 6th May @ 1pm

The webinar discussed distance learning, what is working, what is less successful and the pedagogy behind that. It also involved a showcase from different colleagues on their experiences with G Suite and different tools/techniques they have used during this time.

Guest presenters for this session included:

  • Melissa Bowes (Teacher of English, Outwood Grange Academy)
  • Joanne Cumming (Head of Technology & Computing, Outwood Academy Redcar)
  • Christina McGhie (Associate Director of Science, OGAT)
  • Simon Baddeley (Teacher of English, Outwood Academy Freeston)
  • Julian Mellor (Vice Principal, Outwood Academy Shafton)
  • Davina Mellor (Assistant Principal, Outwood Academy Carlton)