Outwood Online

Outwood Online is a new webinar series that is designed to provide insights and tips to those using G Suite for Education. In addition to demonstrations of how to use different tools, it will have open discussions around the effectiveness of different tools from a pedagogical perspective.

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Upcoming Webinars

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Ep 3: Topic - Effective Practices with Gmail, Calendar, Meet & Tasks

Air Date: Wednesday 20th May @ 1pm

This webinar will focus on the best ways of working and top tips for using gmail, calendar, meet and tasks. It will be entirely relevant for teaching and support staff, so make sure you tune in!

Guest presenters so far for this session include:

  • Ben Barnes (Director of Computer Science, OGAT)
  • Tristan Kirkpatrick (Assoc. Director of Computer Science, OGAT)
  • Tom Crouch (Asst. Director, Software & Web, OGAT)

We are still looking for more people to showcase what they have done, you click click the link below to register your interest:

The webinar can be accessed live or the recording by clicking the video link to the right.