Classroom Basics

These tutorials, give you the basics of using Google classroom. So far tutorials include:

  • How to create a classroom
  • Inviting students using Praising Stars
  • How to ask short answer and multiple choice questions
  • How to post resources for students to view
  • How to create assignments for students to complete
  • How to reuse posts from other classrooms

1. Creating a classroom

2. Inviting students to a class using Praising Stars

Runtime: 1 minute 55 seconds

Runtime: 1 minute 15 seconds

3. Asking a Question

4. Posting Materials

Runtime: 4 minutes 6 seconds

Runtime: 1 minute 50 seconds

5. Creating Assignments

6. Drafting & Scheduling Assignments

Runtime: 6 minutes 56 seconds

The link here to this video on how to convert to Google docs will be useful as part of this video.

Runtime: 1 minute 32 seconds

7. Reusing Posts

8. Setting Up Notifications

Runtime: 1 minute 17 seconds

Runtime: 3 minutes 18 seconds