Calendar Basics

This sequence of tutorials gives you the basics of how to get up and running with Google calendar. It is particularly useful for those who have switched from Outlook to Google calendar.

They include:

  • Creating an event, including checking people and room availability
  • Accepting a meeting invite
  • Creating recurring events
  • Viewing bookable room calendars
  • Changing your calendar visibility
  • Creating additional calendars
  • Sharing your calendar access

The combined time for all these tutorials is only 15 minutes, and they will save you a lot more time in the future! You do not have to watch them all if you think they may not be relevant you can just skip to the ones that you think are relevant to you.

1. Creating Events

2. Accepting an Invite

Runtime: 4 minutes 33 seconds

Runtime: 51 seconds

3. Creating recurring events

4. Viewing bookable room calendars

Runtime: 1 minute 19 seconds

Runtime: 1 minute 11 seconds

5. Changing Calendar Visibility

6. Creating additional calendars

Runtime: 2 minutes 57 seconds

Runtime: 2 minutes 22 seconds

7. Sharing calendar access

Runtime: 2 minutes 25 seconds